Get Set, Go! Egg Hunts for Nest Eggs

Easter egg hunts are sooooo much fun when you’re a kid…oh, the thrill of racing to scoop ‘em up. But hunting to find a big enough nest egg to afford retirement? Not so much fun. In fact, it can be downright discouraging or depressing.

If you don’t want to scramble later for financial independence, consider some simple choices now—destined to become habits to squirrel away cash. And, use the magic of compounding to build that nest egg, which will in time, overflow with goodies just like an Easter basket.

After your Easter egg hunt, consider some more kids’ games :

  1. Hide-and-seek. Well, it’s really hiding now—and seeking later. Can you find a small expense or two to cut every month, maybe something hiding in your weekly spending pattern? Perhaps it’s taking your lunch one day/week, doing your own nails, or movie night at home.
  2. Peek a Boo. Now you see that paycheck, now you don’t. Before it can disappear every month, use auto-pay to put some in savings. Even $25 or 50 a paycheck adds up.
  3. I Spy with My Little Eye. Can you spot an app or online tool to track your spending? There are dozens of good ones, so discover one you’d like to use. Examples: Mint, You Need a BudgetPear, or your bank might have one too.
  4. Monopoly. If you ever played this board game as a kid, you will remember it’s all about learning to leverage money, assessing risk, and hunting for the best investments. Life is much the same – saving starts it all, then investing builds wealth.

Speaking of investing, here’s another fun game that’s all it’s cracked up to be – ha! It’s DASH for the STASH at for a chance to win $150. The contest is open April through October 31, 2017, with a prize every month, as part of an investor education and protection program from the Investor Protection Institute. Check it out – I know you’ll learn an investing tidbit or two. And, let me know how you score!

HuntForYourNestEggtoBuild Wealth


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