Check out topics the Money Godmother® covers:

Saving, investing and money personalities…

  • Show Me the Money (for college students)
  • A Millionaire’s Mind (early teens, preteens)
  • Kids, Money & Wealth (parents, grandparents)
  • Me…An Investor? (beginning investors, women)
  • Cooking Up a Great Portfolio (beginning investors, women)
  • Taking the Plunge When I’m Scared to Invest (beginning investors, women)

Teaching kids about money…

  • Yes, You Can Teach Financial Literacy (teachers, teachers-to-be)
  • It’s Just Stuff…Choices We Make (parents, preteens)
  • Money? There’s a Lot to Know (preteens, teens)


  • Leaving a Legacy…Children and Philanthropy (parents, grandparents)
  • It’s a Family Affair (parents, grandparents, families)

And entrepreneurship…

  • When You Have a Great Idea…
  • If I Knew Then What I Know Now
  • Oh, the Places You Go
  • When You Have Pennies for Promotion…101 Ideas

To invite Joanne to speak, call 515.991-5632.

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