Oh No…Dandelion Is Retired?!

Last week was National Retirement Planning Week – did it pass by unnoticed? Life got in your way? Or, you decided to put off planning, like so many of us do? 

A lack of planning didn’t delay Crayola Crayons biggest retirement announcement for the week. The iconic company retired its “Dandelion Yellow” crayon, banishing it from the popular 24-count box to a “retirement tour” and destined to be replaced with a brighter option.

Many boomers are right there with you, Dandelion Yellow.

Worn down from the daily grind. Outdated after 27 years on the job. A vibrant new protégé expected onboard. Skills that need freshening. You think, “who can do without the classic veteran, the stalwart, go-to team player who stays within the lines?”

But…surprise! It’s time to go!

I doubt Dandelion (nicknamed Dan D.) was actually ready to get his pink slip either, even if he did dream about retiring sometimes. No more coloring sunshine, sunflowers, or smiley faces? No wild mixing with red? No bright hue to break the blues? Bummer.

Dan D. still seems so sharp, vibrant, and versatile. Not ready to retire…but is he retirement ready? That’s the key.

Does Dan D. have his retirement lifestyle plan and the nest egg to make it work? Does he have hobbies, friends/family support, a good financial advisor? Will he stay active, travel more, or volunteer after that big retirement tour? Will he move to smaller quarters or need long-term care someday? So many unanswered questions!

Like Dan D., your retirement day may sneak up. But it doesn’t have to surprise you. While you don’t know whether you will jump on your own or be pushed out of the box like Dan D., you can still work on these quick to-dos as you build your career:

  • Budget to save, baby!
  • Learn to invest, starting today.
  • Master credit, a lifetime skill.
  • Build talents to improve your worth.
  • Seek good advisors and mentors.


Wondering where Dan D. will go? Check out his retirement adventures here.

Rethinking your own retirement? Find your retirement IQ here.

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