Price of Freedom – It’s Not Free

As you celebrate this three-day weekend and look forward to Independence Day on July 4th, take a moment to savor the freedom of living in the U.S. While our freedom came at the expense of others, we have the responsibility to maintain the same for those who come after us. 


Thanks to the sacrifices of my ancestors and yours, we enjoy a multitude of freedom –  opportunities to live, work, play and build a better life.  That includes the opportunity to learn and earn (and use) money.

You can choose to work…or not. You can go to school, and you can save to buy a home, car or college education. You can learn to be an investor. You can start a business. You can travel, hang out with those you choose, hunt and fish, attend a church that you want, own farmland or oil wells, read what you wish, and vote for whom you choose. Or, you can become a philanthropist and pay some wealth forward.

The many small choices you make today can impact your financial freedom enormously later.  Because it’s not one big financial decision (or financial mistake) that sets you up. Making a plan and having some goals helps you find opportunities and make financial choices.

Choose wisely!

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