Use Password Log: In Case of Emergency

It seems “Password”  is one of the most common passwords – and so is 123456! But seriously, if something happens, will your family have the passwords they need for you? 

Psssssst…what’s your password? Odds are, you have them stashed around – somewhere. People keep passwords logged in all sorts of ways, ranging from random sticky notes to spreadsheets to military-grade encrypted software apps. And some don’t even keep a list. But you probably should keep a password log, if only in case of emergency and some you trust needs to access your stuff.

Where’s Your Password List?

Regardless of whether you keep a password log or not, your passwords can easily be forgotten or misplaced. And some critical passwords should be changed frequently, so how do you keep up with that?!

Then, you have some passwords so well used that they’re embedded in your memory and you don’t bother to record them. An example? The garage door keypad. Other codes are so seldom used – like TurboTax software passwords – that we write them on the box. The point is, lots of passwords fall through the record keeping cracks.

But what happens if someone you trust needs that password? Have you made them accessible “just-in-case” there’s an emergency?

How Many Passwords Do You Use Today?

  • Amazon Prime account
  • Sign-in for computers, tablets
  • Apple I.D. (software updates)
  • Google sign in
  • Cell phone security code
  • Home security alarm system
  • ATM Card(s) – PIN
  • Frequent flyer number(s)
  • Garage door opener code
  • Car door code (keypad on door)
  • 529 Account ID
  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Home security system and video
  • PayPal account
  • Software (QuickBooks, Adobe, etc.)
  • Social Security portal sign-in
  • Online grocery order accounts
  • WIFI
  • Apps like iHeartRadio
  • Financial account websites
  • Employer accounts
  • …And too many more to count.

And By the Way, Change Up Those Passwords

So what if your password is “123456” or something easy to remember? Hmmm. Maybe you should change it up.

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