Kids – & Parents – Love Halloween Candy

No doubt about it, Halloween has become a spendy holiday, with many retailers counting on those annual sales.

Is it scary to think about how much you’ll shell out for Halloween candy and treats to pass out to your neighborhood goblins this year? Americans do spend a lot more on Halloween these days – to the tune of about $9 billion this year for costumes, treats, partying and decor, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). With 95% buying Halloween candy, those candy sales alone add up to more than $2.6 billion, the NRF survey indicates. That translates to roughly 600 million pounds of candy to be handed out on the big night….yum, yum.

But wait! Of the $15 spent on candy by the average household, much of it is consumed by the buyers rather than given to visiting little ghouls! Plus, a majority of parents admit they also take candy from their kids’ Halloween haul! Looks like someone has a sweet tooth.

Trick or treat!

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