Bloggers Talk Finance, Trends at FinCon17

Going to FinCon usually means a great week catching up on the latest trends and tech for personal finance. Thanks to fellow blogger and FinCon founder, Philip Taylor – his team ran another outstanding show for 1500+ professionals from around the world.
FinCon17 was as much fun as Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting – and my regular opportunity to…
  • Meet blogger friends – so many truly interested in making a difference in financial lives (see below)
  • Learn plenty – great tips, new tech and trends from expert workshop leaders and keynote speakers, and
  • Get inspiration for new projects – and motivation to execute asap.

FinCon brings together content and bloggers


My 6 takeaways from FinCon17:

  1. Podcasts and online courses are trending – and doable. Thanks for the inspiration, Ankur at Teachable and Steve Stewart.
  2. Side hustles never go out of style. Had a chance to meet author Chris Guillebeau and realized I shouldn’t limit Entrepreneur Extraordinaire to just for kids.
  3. Being small isn’t a drawback to building wealth. Savings apps are broadening scope – like Smarty Pig and blooom. New investing apps are courting smaller investors – Stash, Acorns, Stockpile, to name a few. Glad to know Stock Market Pie is relevant and can continue to help beginning investors.
  4. Most of us are looking for new ways to get more done in a day and bring new products to market. Learned so much from pros like Darren Rowse Kylie Travers, Kine Corder, Liz Stapleton.
  5. Creating good “hands-on” tools makes bigger impact when teaching about money –  NEFE’s exhibit with larger-than-life games was awesome.
  6. Was thrilled to get a signed copy of The Automatic Millionaire from one of my favorite financial gurus, 9 times best-selling author David Bach (who resurrected his newsletter – 3 Minute Sunday – as we talked). I love his newsletter, by the way – quick tips, always applicable.

fincon david bach

Photo Credit: David Bach


Fun FinCon moments:

  • Investors – Found several colleagues who love to talk market ups/downs and buys/sells – Thanks for great discussions Jason, John and Sharon, Tara, Joe, Craig.
  • FinCon Trivia Night – what a blast (our team won)! Thanks, Elevate, for the great prizes.
  • Rap artist Dee-1 – over 1,500 bloggers jamming to Pay Sallie Mae Back.
  • Walking Downtown Dallas – to discover great burgers with Chris and Anthony. (Interview on timeshares later!)
  • Pecan Lodge BBQ – great chat over the best BBQ in Dallas with Talia and Simeon, but only after standing in line with a couple of other entrepreneurs from California for over 45 minutes (but who’s counting when it’s fantastic conversation?!)
  • Seeing my younger-ish self – thanks caricature artist Bob O’Brian @ Student Loan Hero – you’re better than a plastic surgeon!
Hope to connect further with so many others too, like Amy at LifeZemplified, Steve at MyFamilyonaBudget, Vicki at MakeSmarterDecisions, Fritz at RetirementManifesto, Serena at ThriftDiving
Many new posts to write. Stay tuned for interviews and more!
Stay tune for more FinCon17


2 Responses to “Bloggers Talk Finance, Trends at FinCon17”

  1. mrspickypincher

    Dee-1 was so much fun and he was definitely unexpected! It was my first FinCon and I can’t believe how much fun it was. I wish I had known you were there; I would have said hello! I hope to see you in Orlando next year. 🙂



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