Get Rick Quick? Think About Trees

As you go about gardening and planting flowers this spring, don’t forget to plant a young tree. And, appreciate the larger shade trees someone planted years ago in your neighborhood.

Most of us expect our gardens to mature short term, so we can enjoy the fruits of our labor throughout the summer and fall.  Planting trees is a much different story, sort of like investing. Why? More time in the market is key — not market timing!

  • Time lessens risk and increases chances of success, favoring long-term investors.
  • Compounding builds a nest egg, so you don’t have to work for every dollar put in.
  • The more time you take to understand the market, the better your skills should be.

But like gardening, you need to be in the market — plant the seeds, tend your crop –before you see a bountiful harvest. That means taking some risk, albeit calculated.

Get rich quickly? That’s unlikely for most investors, but trees don’t grow and produce in one season either, do they?


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