The Senior’s Guide to Online Safety

I’ve written several posts about identity theft and online fraud, particularly focusing on young adults/teens and protecting your financial assets. Below is a post from “As Our Parents Age” by Marti Weston. She highlights a great new resource for helping parents with technology and online safety, because according to Pew Research, 60% of Americans over 65 are on the internet. To learn tips on internet safety for older adults as well as yourself, check out the Guide to Online Safety by

As Our Parents Age So Do We

connect-safely-for-seniorsAdult children often find themselves providing technology support services for their aging parents. Now there’s a new, research-based resource to help.

The Connect Safely organization has recently published The Senior’s Guide to Online Safety. The publication contains important information, it’s free, and it’s simple to download as a PDF file. Adult children may want to print the booklet and share this short and easy-to-read guide.

The Seniors Guide to Online Safety addresses a range of issues that are critical for senior and elder adults to consider and understand as they go about online activities. The guide includes safety and privacy tips, information on a range of scams, guidance about securing wifi, and advice about protecting identify and financial information. The goal is to educate older adults with information that comes from experts.

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