How to Get Ahead – Building a Financial Base

Most of us don’t make one big financial decision that makes us a success or failure.  Instead, it’s those daily decisions on spending that put us on that path.

This list of financial secrets is a great roadmap…because if you know where you’re going, it’s easier to get there.

1. Build a budget, baby – Be frugal!

2. Borrow less -And pay off college loans ASAP.

3. Pay total credit card bills monthly – Avoid carrying over a balance.

4. Build an emergency day stash – You never know when you need one.

5. Find money to invest – Small amounts add up, so it regularly.

6. Fund an IRA -make the maximum contribution annually.

7. Get your 401(k) employer match – And, do it every year.

8. Buy a place – To live in, not necessarily to build wealth.

9. Choose term insurance if you need life insurance.

10. Get a financial team you trust – Two (or three) heads are better than one.

11. Make a will – You will thank yourself later.

12. Build your net worth – Diversify as you go.

Want to add to this list? Send your suggestions.

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