How Long Will You Work?

Red warning triangle Retirement

Inquiring minds want to know…”How much can I earn and still collect Social Security benefits?”

That’s the most popular question people ask the Social Security Administration, according to an agency survey of visits to its website during January-June, 2012. About 315,847 wanted that answer.

But an even bigger question for most pre-retirees should be…”Exactly when do I file?” It’s NOT a no-brainer.

In fact, this could be the most important financial decision you will make. How and when you choose to file to collect Social Security benefits determines how much you will collect for the rest of your life, and perhaps the rest of your spouse’s life. It’s not a decision to make on a gut reaction.

To gain insight on how you should file…
• Talk with your trusted financial advisor.
• Run your numbers with one of the many online calculators, such as the Social Security Analyzer available from financial planners like Craig Adamson in Marion, IA.
• Look at your own Social Security benefits statement at the SSA website
• Read the Social Security publication called “When to Start Receiving Benefits” here.


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