Find a Penny, Pick It Up…

Everyone can save, and even small amounts add up

Last week, I heard an intriguing story on American Public Media—about a runner who has found spare change on the ground nearly every day for 33 years.

Surprisingly, he has collected more than $8000, and paid for a vacation to Hawaii. While Craig Davidson is compulsive about running, it appears he’s even more obsessive about finding a penny or two. It’s a challenge to find some every day.

Really? Studies show most kids today won’t stoop to pick up change, even if it’s quarters. But this guy will break his stride to pick up a penny. “It’s not if I’m going to find money, it’s how much I’m going to find. Pennies are the most common,” he says.

Davidson shows that small amounts can add up. Do you think that’s true? I do.

While I don’t run marathons, I do make monumental efforts to pick up stray coins on the ground. Many of my friends say they do the same.

It doesn’t really matter how you save money….just that you do learn to save. So whether it’s spare change that goes in a jar or automatic deductions from your paychecks, saving is a habit. Have you made it one of yours?

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