Money Smart Week Begins

This week–April 17-24–about 100 events will take place for Money Smart Week 2010, the economic outreach program of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. In Iowa, we have more than 100 partner organizations. These events are free and educational, free of sales pitches.

Find events you’d like to attend at Major events include Money Smart Conferences on investing, which you can find at

3 Responses to “Money Smart Week Begins”

    • moneygodmother

      Three rather unrelated ideas, Mary…
      1) On Sunday during our church service, we gardeners were asked to plant an extra row, so the food pantry would have fresh produce later in the summer. What a great (and easy) way to give!

      2) And from experience…plan your tool purchases with your neighbors in mind. You might by the rototiller, while your neighbor purchases another tool. You can lend to each other, save money, and have more precious storage space too.

      3) I just saw a round composter at Costco. Having a compost pile is a great way to reuse/recycle and save $$.

      How about you….any tips?


  1. Liz Goldsmith

    Hi Mary and Joanne, I had never heard of plating an extra row for the food pantry — now that is a great idea. Liz (from Florida)



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