There’s An App for Couponing

Coupon-clipping shoppers are trading scissors and newspaper ads in favor of high-tech tools. There are deals to be found for those willing to search.

To find coupons for your favorite products, services and restaurants, check out  Free Apps, downloads from


ArmaDEALo Mobile Coupons


Coupon Sara

Coupon Sherpa Mobile Coupons


Free Mobile Coupons – Instapons

Local Banana

Penny Saver


Shopping Coupons

Valpak Local Coupons

2 Responses to “There’s An App for Couponing”

    • moneygodmother

      You’re right. Thanks for sharing. Yowza is a great site for coupon aficionados too. It’s location based, so you can find deals and coupons in your own shopping areas. You can even be notified when your favorite stores added a new deal or coupon, and you can track your savings to see how much you’ve saved.



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