12 Money Savers for College Kids

Everyone is looking for ways to save money these days. Here are a few ideas even a college student can use:
1-Get a smaller meal plan if you aren’t eating all meals; you can probably switch at semester
2-Buy used books—you won’t use most again (information is dated quickly)
3-Sell your books to someone taking the class next semester—give a better price than bookstores
4-Schedule carefully; avoid drops (or replace class early); changing majors cost $
5-Try to get by without a car = No parking, no gas, no insurance, no tickets
6-Can you do it in 4 years? $11,000 savings for year (and income starts earlier)
7-Use library movie rental for free.
8-Vintage clothing—Can Goodwill make a fashion statement?
9-Coupons–they’re everywhere, so use ’em!!
10-Avoid ATM fees; Use an ATM by your bank/credit union
11-Debt costs $–Pay on time, avoid credit card interest and late fees
12-Put at least $5/month into savings—small amounts add up

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