No One Has a Crystal Ball

You can’t control what happens in the stock market…or the economy. But you can control how you react. Take charge of your investment decisions. Now is a great time to assess your long-term goals and adjust your plan.

Consider yourself a buy-and-hold investor? Realize that market volatility might play a bigger part in your decisions now. Should you use stop-loss orders to help cope with the larger swings the market is experiencing?

Consider yourself an aggressive investor? Maybe you are wondering if you can afford to take the same amount of risk, or if you should change your portfolio’s mix of stocks vs. bonds.

Trying to decide when to start using your nest egg? Maybe your strategy for taking out your money should be adjusted.

These and other investing decisions can be agonizing if you’re going it alone. While no one can predict what the market will do, a good financial advisor can be worth his/her weight in gold during these turbulent times. If you don’t have a good advisor, now is a good time to get one.

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